Berit Viktorsson, Visiting Daughter in Brussels, Was Killed in Attacks

Berit Viktorsson was at the Brussels airport the day of the attacks.

Berit Viktorsson frequently traveled between her home in central Sweden and Brussels to visit her daughter.

Though she did not speak French, and barely spoke English, Ms. Viktorsson had become so adept at navigating the city that on the morning of March 22 she boarded a bus on her own from her daughter’s home, the daughter, Katarina Viktorsson, told a Swedish newspaper.

Soon after arriving at the airport, suicide bombers detonated two devices and killed Ms. Viktorsson, who Swedish officials said was in her 60s.

Before Ms. Viktorsson’s death was confirmed, Katarina Viktorsson, an administrative assistant at a law firm in Brussels, turned to social media, asking for help locating her mother in three different languages.

“Please HELP: Help me find my mother who is missing since this morning when she was at the airport in Brussels,” she wrote on Facebook hours after the attack at the airport.

A week later Katarina Viktorsson posted again on Facebook. “Thank you everybody for all your help, support, visits, calls, sms, messages and prayers and thoughts for my mother, my family and our close ones,” she wrote. “It has been much appreciated, even if I haven’t always have had the strength/mind/thought of replying you all individually, it has deeply touched me, as well as my close ones, and, again, thank you all for your support.”

Along with the message, Katarina Viktorsson posted a photo of herself and her mother posing together in front of a blooming tulip tree. In the photo, Ms. Viktorsson wore the same black coat that she wore to the airport on March 22. With her arm wrapped around her daughter’s waist, she smiled.

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